Kevin Collins

Ok, lately I've been introduced to this concept of a "Virtual Jam". The idea is that musicians post a backing track (or BT, for short) somewhere on the web. They then post their version of a "song" using that backing track and ask listeners to comment on their version and then for ineterested listeners to make their own version of that track.

It is addicting, and I am really enjoying it. Below are some jams I have recorded - all my takes of other people's BTs. I'll be doing some BTs of my own in the near future.

I highly recommend you check out the website The Gear Page - in particular the forum called "Member Soundclips". Excellent stuff!

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as enjoyed recording them!


satchy.mp3 Backing Track for satchy.mp3 - this one I wrote!
ShadowJam.mp3 Backing Track for ShadowJam.mp3
PacificaJam.mp3 Backing Track for PacificaJam.mp3
BeckishJam.mp3 Backing Track for BeckishJam.mp3
SloFunkJam.mp3 Backing Track for SloFunkJam.mp3
so_it_is_jam.mp3 Backing Track for so_it_is_jam.mp3

If you like this music, you might want to check out my band Too Much Fiction....